YOU NEED GREASY WHEELS!   

Notice Regarding the Covid Virus : 

We ARE Operating Normally As Of 2/6/22

   24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

  If You Need Us, We'll Be There!

If You Need Repair, or

(in the event your facility needs to close temporarily)

Monitoring Of Your Coolers or Buildings

While This Crisis Is Ongoing, Please Get In Touch And

We'll Try To Help In  Any Way We Can!

Sure, there's been a few hiccups, but we're getting to calls!

You Can Also Count On Us For Maintenance Or Installation 

Of UV Disinfection Systems For Your HVAC!

Be Safe!! Be Healthy!!


Here's a little info about UV Systems for HVAC: BOTH Commercial and Residential 

forced air systems can have UV  Disinfection Systems added to them to help with the 

 viruses (Including Covid 19 among others), and mold, bacteria and other polutants.

They are installed in the ductwork or sometimes in the rooftop units and come in many sizes.

The process is such that the air flowing past these units carry the various pollutants

and the UV kills them. Any other pollutant is generally "cooked" as it passes and ends

up on the filter as a greyish deposit. The filters, ducts, coils, and grills stay cleaner!

These units are SO Powerful that they can cause a sunburn-like skin burns very quickly

with direct exposure!! NEVER Look at them either, they can destroy retinal cells also!!


So, here's our mission:

We've all heard the old expression "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"


Well, the squeak, rattling or other odd noise is damage to your equipment

            that you may not be seeing, but you're HEARING it.


It's your equipment crying for help and it's time to call us before the damage get worse!!


   Greasy Wheels  preventative maintenance programs can reduce

your repair costs,  and reduce downtime and losses caused by breakdowns.

There's nothing worse than a simple exhaust fan belt break on a busy Friday night that

trips your CO safety system and shuts down your entire cooking line!


                       We are focused on keeping you up and running.


Sometimes things have gone too long without programs like ours' and

       repair or replacement is required. We handle that seamlessly,

  with minimal downtime. In most cases your up and running in short time.


             Sadly we see it all the time that better maintenance would

                       have prevented downtime, and expensive repairs.


            Another reason that YOU, yes YOU, NEED Greasy Wheels is 

      the simple reason of efficiency: equipment that is running hard or

needs proper cleaning or lubrication is using more ENERGY than it should.


It's your decision. Give it to the energy companies (gas/electric/water-etc.)


                                           Or: save money with us!

         In short, Let Greasy Wheels keep you up and running efficiently!



                 Thank you for your patronage!!         Have a SQUEAKLESS day!!           

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